11 June 2014

Utah Wing Commander visits IL-042

Recently, the Lake County Composite Squadron had a special guest visit them. Col. Jonathon Niedfeldt, the Utah Wing Commander, attended the weekly meeting at IL-042 which is located at Naval Station Great Lakes.

                      (from left: Capt Julia Murray, Col. Jonathon Niedfeld, Capt Paul Murray)

Col. Niedfeldt is employed with a member of the Lake County Squadron, and was in town on business when he took the opportunity to visit them. He participated in the meeting's scheduled agenda, spoke with the members, and even got Safety currency attending the monthly safety meeting.

Squadron commander Captain Paul Murray enjoyed showing him ILWG hospitatlity, " It was our distinct pleasure having the Colonel here, and having him be a part of our meeting. His comments and observations were a welcome contribution to the evening's agenda. We hope to have him back the next time he's in town".

20 March 2014

Palwaukee Cadets take 3rd in IL CyberPatriot Competition.

March 18, 2014

2d Lt. Michael Siegel, IL-049 
CyberPatriot, the premiere national high school cyber defense competition, was created to inspire high school students toward careers in cybersecurity or other science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines critical to our nation’s future. The competition was conceived by the Air Force Association. 

Although his was the first time that Palwaukee participated in the CyberPatriot program, their high school CyberPatriot team took 3rd place in IL State Competition. 
This event challenged the cadets with logic, patience, perseverance, teamwork and judgment.  Participating meant the cadets had to commit additional hours in studying and training sessions when they would rather be home, or with their friends. These cadets showed responsibility and confidence under the stressful tournament for 6 hours, especially when  problems manifested themselves beyond the control of the cadets or the contest organizers.

Outstanding work by the Palwaukee CyberPatriot team.  We are all very proud of these cadets!


14 April 2013

Group 22 Responds to "2-in-1" REDCAP

Even as CAP is dealing with budget and funding issues for the current year, ILWG members are still getting mission work. And the typical ‘season’ of recreational flying and boating has begun with a mission that garnered 2 separate FINDs.

Earlier this week, ILWG was assigned a 406 mhz mission that was originally being handled by the US Coast Guard, where the registry information on the EPIRB had it assigned to a tugboat which had been sold or scrapped previously. The Coast Guard was able to isolate the co-ordinates and rough vicinity at an inland location after a day of DF work. They were, however, unable to acquire the transmitter signal near where the GPS data placed it, so there was concern that the co-ordinates were unreliable.

So, on 04APR at approx 1800L, the ILWG was alerted and an IC was assigned. Multiple ground teams and an aircrew responded to take up the search. After some initial phone calls around the large target area, it was identified that an active beacon was being heard on the ground near Waukegan Airport. Ground teams and an aircraft were dispatched to that location and prosecuted a DF search, ending in a successful non-distress FIND. The aircraft was a privately owned US Navy T2B Buckeye trainer that had been undergoing maintenance.

Silencing that beacon did nothing to effect the 406 beacon, as it was still transmitting from ‘somewhere’. The aircraft left the Waukegan area, and flew directly to the site that the co-ordinates were putting it at, but were only barely able to acquire an intermittent signal. They did note it was adjacent to auto malls and salvage yards that may have been likely spots for boats.

The mission was suspended until first light next morning, where multiple ground members arrived in that general area. At the site where the beacon was ultimately found, the signal was so minimal that it had to be located with a ‘home made’ device by a ground team member! Traditional DF gear couldn’t lock the signal even as close as 300 yards away from where it was, so persistence won this battle.

Major Andrew Welch, one of the IC’s on this “2-for-1” mission had praise for those who responded. “I want to express my thanks for all the dedicated and persistent members, over 20 of them here, who gave up their Friday night and Saturday prosecuting this mission.” The mission closed out at approx 1840L Saturday.

The following Group 22 personnel participated in this mission:

  • Maj Brian Pokuta IL245
  • Maj JIm Griggs IL245
  • Maj Bob Dempsey IL049
  • Capt Jay Trivedi IL049
  • Capt Chris Gillman IL251
  • Capt Mike Hatkevich IL049
  • 1st Lt Stan Kuprianczyk IL049
  • C/SSgt Mary Kuprianczyk IL049

28 March 2013

Group 22 Unit Selected to Assist NHQ Test Revamp

The National HQ of CAP is conducting a beta testing phase for a new Level One test program for new CAP Senior Members. And by recommendation from the Great Lakes Vice Commander, Palwaukee Squadron is going to help them in that endeavor.
While details are slim currently as to what the new testing program will entail, it has been targeted for roll out later this year. Group staff will be working with Palwaukee as the beta phase goes on, and we will keep everyone apprised as to what changes are coming later in the year.


RST For Illinois Spring Encampment Hosted at Naval Station Great Lakes

Just recently the Staff of the 22nd Annual Illinois Wing Spring Encampment held the Nationally mandated RST, Required Staff Training course at Naval Station Great Lakes. The forty-four Cadet and Senior members present were instructed for an eight hour day on understanding and maintaining the correct intensity levels for the students attending, Cadet protection and reporting procedures, Navy procedures/etiquette and a general 'what to expect'. Cadet Executive staff also prepared and instructed the junior staff in leadership and drill with focus also placed on how to best serve their customers....the student or 'Basic' Cadets.
The 2013 Illinois Wing Spring Encampment is unique in the fact that it is a two-weekend Encampment and affords Cadets the ability to attend and not have to give up a full week of time that is so often required of other Encampments. The Encampment this year will be held on the Great Lakes Naval Station, Recruit Training Command from April 19-21 and then April 26-28.
For more information please visit the Illinois Wing Spring Encampment Website at: http://encampment.group22.net/

21 November 2011

G1000 Class

Recently a G1000 ground school was conducted at Lake in the Hills Airport. The event sponsored by Group 22 was also an FAA WINGS event. 19 pilots received advanced credit during the 6 hour course.  Along with Civil Air Patrol Pilots, there were a few non CAP pilots in the class. It was a great opportunity to learn and recruit as well.  Gliem provide an instrument refresher course as a door prize.  A drawing was held at the end of the day and congratulations goes out to Major Ken Stone of the Palwaukee Composite Squadron.  Thanks goes out to Major David Gillingham for conducting the course and to Blue Skied Aviation at Lake in the Hills airport for providing the classroom space.

02 September 2011

Group 22 Shines at Wing Evaluated Excercise

Group 22 Staff members were a key part of the Illinois Wing Civil Air Patrol Air Force Evaluated Mission.  Both Air Branch and Ground Branch were run by Group 22 and both sections received an excellent rating by Air Force Evaluators. Preliminary results revealed the Wing scored an Overall Successful rating.
Thank you for all the members of group 22 Units who participated and helped the Wing show off for the Air Force.  When the Official results are published we will have a good idea of where we can make improvements in our operations.
One new innovation was a direct result of Group 22 success in utilizing Google Docs during SUI inspections.  Wing Staff went to school on this and developed an electronic status board for the mission. While this had a direct impact on Air and Ground branch grades, there is definitely some room for improvement.
We hope to have a more comprehensive training plan in place for the upcoming year. Brush up on those quals and work on your proficiency and areas that need improvement.

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